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Every Day Issues

Try not to harm your children even if they disobey, they have no real understanding including teenagers, and it is a chance to teach and not to enslave and if they do wrong forgiveness and try to teach again is a better choice and not harm.

A woman does not have the right to enslave another human being equal to a man. Abortion is legal because the cells are dead, no unique DNA, they are the woman's body, the woman has a right to enslave and the father's rights are none. Can you find a wrong? What is murder? What is slavery? What is equality? Animals have rights and not a human being, who can be verified scientifically, and an abortion pill or alley still equals slavery and murder, and God does not care for our laws or religion, God knows what matters to me and you, and God knows all, and a lie is meaningless, and men have equal rights and obligations with equal consequence and get away with nothing, and we are all God's children and our acts should prove that by trying not to harm another, and our laws would be a good start.

An unborn or born child is not a piece of property, until I read the law, slavery alive and well, just not for the ones murdered by those whose obligation is to protect them the most, ones sexual pleasure supersedes freedom and equality and a human being is still a piece of property in our great land in the USA, legally speaking.

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What fills my soul with great sadness is any woman who laughs and feels no pain when a man is raped, you lie and believe you hear the truth.

What is the legal basis for abortion, equality, individual rights or slavery? I have the right to life another does not, not equality or individual rights. I have the right to kill my child, slavery. DNA proves it's not your body; it is life equal to you, there is thought, thoughtless cannot create thought, and consciousness is your cells unless you claim a soul. Your right is a claim based on no facts, if so, state them. Do you believe in equality or not? Equality is not a belief, it is an act.

If you were unconscious and completely unaware, do I have the right to kill, enslave or harm you? No. Cells are aware, a scientific fact, cells are your brain and everything that you are. Don't blame me for what you choose to believe.

When in vitro fertilization is performed, can a scientist start at twenty weeks old or any number they choose? When does human life begin? When the egg splits everything we are is there, each and every last one of us had that same exact beginning, thanks to science, the method may be different.

Why is DNA presented as evidence in a court of law? To prove an individual and nothing more, is there any legal minds thinking at all?

There are many ways to find sexual pleasure and only one way for human life to begin, and my want does not supersede another's right, the law has a basis of morality, is the claim, unfortunately today that is not a fact. The law is suppose to be precise, not up to interpretation, but the people who write them are politicians who only care to fill their pockets with worthless pieces of toilet paper and they will lie and harm another for it, they believe there are no consequences to ones act, and there are.

I have the unalienable right to life, the Declaration of Independence; I have the right to deny another equal unalienable right to life, an abortion, a violation of the Declaration of Independence, legally speaking.

Abortion is a right? Scientifically, the evidence proves abortion is murder, not beyond a reasonable doubt, a scientific fact that can easily be proven, will you still believe murder is a right? Killing an innocent child is not parenthood at all, all children are innocent, they have no understanding, and they need a good teacher as we all did when we were children. A woman's life is in danger or a woman who was immorally and illegally raped, are legal arguments empathy forces me to bow to, I have no right answer nor the right to argue against that is my belief. Equality is my purpose and nothing more, knowingly harming another is wrong.

Being a mother is hard? I can only imagine and I believe that it is and I have my reasons. Is being a father easy? Can women only think of themselves and still claim to believe in equality? Do no women have sons, or worse, think girls are more important, is that equality?

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I believe in God, in that belief I believe belief in God is not required, God gave free will and choice, the opposite of a command, instead help God by teaching, learning and forgiveness, and to treat each other as we believe or hope others would treat us, think love, which is not always easy, not for me, I must choose it, willingly.

I have read and was taught by so many and have so many to thank, teaching and learning is hard especially when filled with anger and hate, love of learning and learning to love, helping without harming and helping find the right path for all is true equality and the true goal.

The problem is men, and women, and everything in between, what's left? God? God is the answer not the problem and we are God's answer, problems are created by our choice, but not always, sometimes, the best test is unknown.

Your choice is not my expense. Is that right or wrong? What is equality?

NASA sees beauty every day, judges see horror every day, finding light in such darkness is beyond my imagination, and judges are human too. Doing the best I can is all one can do.

Men are fighting for women's rights and women are fighting for men's rights. Can I imagine a more perfect world?

True equality is our judge, nature's love.

It appears women absolutely willingly judge others and absolutely unwilling to be judged, not how reality works ladies, the truth is known by one, be careful what you demand, I can help you no more, force is wrong, but I will try even if you are unwilling to learn, teaching is right, when the basis is love and no harm, something I know women understand better than me, a man. Can you prove me wrong or right?

Who will stand up for those who have confused wrong for right, and deny chance to exist, and can define perfection themselves, if not, what does it prove? When is forgiveness right and when is forgiveness wrong?

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Master and Teacher. Intelligence and Morality. Intelligence tries to learn the differences and similarities.

The path of equality, leads to a finite point, if I give you one unearned dollar, I must give one unearned dollar to all others, since I cannot, logically, and everyone gets none. No harm, no help. Change presents two new paths that demand a decision, harm is wrong, that path should be easy to avoid, but not always, help is right, when it is the right kind of help, the right path to take. Equality is not an answer, just a right. Is that wrong?

Anger, the same path with opposites, right and wrong, the difference easy to tell, after the aftermath, harm or help, motivation achieving a helpful self goal, the harming of self or the harming of another, a body of cells fighting each other, verbal less than physical, more than most of the time, wrong and right, opposites on the same path, anger. It is in the moment, the most important, too late for the instant before, recognize the difference and make now different, if necessary, before it happens imagine the moment next. It is the best chance, applying my best empathy for another like myself, the difference between wrong and right, is it harm or help? The only right true path for my anger is helping me without harming another.

Finding the right path is hard, trying is the right choice, along the way paths change as the choices are made, they pop up and lead this way or that, a decision must be made, avoiding wrong is having experience, without it and best guesses are made, paths twist and turn, sometimes round and round, until change is made, try to pick better, when I can, avoid harming another and myself, trying eventually leads to success, experience can be had, hard is finding the right path.

An eye for an eye? The eye is innocent, the brain is guilty. An eye for a brain, equality or justice, which is more fair? Is forgiveness better? The point is to teach a wrong so not to be done again, is harm the only way to teach? I am not without sin and have no right to cast the first stone, nor the last. Sometimes, I do it anyways, followed by disappointment and regret, only to repeat the same, eventually, my emotions denying thinking. If forgiveness is my want, then forgiveness I should give.

Chance makes life fun or intimidating, trying the price paid for one roll to be played, the harder applied adds more rolls and better odds right, anything can happen in the unknown next, intimidating or fun life makes chance.

If intelligence is set, possibility, chance and change are not possible, with time. What is time?

Save the earth or save human life? It's humans we're poisoning, not the earth. Some life feeds on poison. Life was here before us and based on history, will be after us. It's humans who need saving. Think we'll survive at this rate?

If my body is talking to me, I am not listening, until I feel it, and then there is no doubt. The older I get, the more my body talks, I still do not hear it, but it feels louder.

If I believe God is all powerful and mighty, why does God need me to harm? All powerful and mighty proves I do not, not for God, just myself. If I have the choice, I choose not to harm. That is the hard part, for me.

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Scared of terrorists? I live outside Detroit, I see loving mothers cry every day, and I cry with them. Terror has been a part of my whole life, I am not scared, I only despise it. Responding with harm only leads to more pain. Writing the words is easy, living it is not.

There was a little frail lady, who sat on a bus, and challenged all the racists in America, all at once. If there was a line for men, I would have to stand behind her.

If I only have obligations with no rights to what is mine and another person has no obligations and all the rights to what is mine, would I call that equality?

Words of hate instead of debate prove nothing.

Two people have the same exact job, digging ditches. One digs one a day, the other ten a day. Should they be paid the same?

An able individual who can survive, only with the help of others, is not free, speak out, and help may be denied. An able individual who can survive, with no help from others, is free, speak out, and help cannot be denied. Why would a government be proud of the more help it has to give out?

A professor reads a book and repeats it. A business owner reads a book and lives it. An inventor reads a book and out thinks it.

How can the home of society be strengthened, when the bricks of individual rights and equality, are weakened?

Should I demand equality even if I am willing to deny it?

There are millions of women who run successful small businesses. You can't run a big business without knowing how to run a small business. Of course women are great CEO's. They prove it every day, each in their own way. All they need is equal chance.

Whether it's given or denied, just because of race, both is just racism, just the same. Can the same be written about sexism?

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Equality and Freedom both are not free. Equality requires us to sacrifice our beliefs. Freedom requires someone willingly to sacrifice their life. Why can't we sacrifice our beliefs for equality?

Men don't have equal pay. If we're not happy, we ask for a raise or look for another job that will. If we cannot, then we are paid what we earned. Which is more equal for work, earned or given?

It's the right thing to do, no it's not, is what only exists. Like the universe, the closer or further I look, it depends. If only the universe had created, then it would have existed, that being compromise.

Is someone else's profit from our information worth more to us than our rights?

If the debt is not a problem, then pay it. If we can't pay it, then how is more debt not a problem? Oh, that's right, we can borrow. And when we can't borrow, then we can pay it? And what's my Nobel Prize? The bill.

Once upon a time in America, the majority believed that slavery, racism and inequality was the "right thing to do". Sometimes, the right thing to do is not, even when the majority believes it is.

What is equality? Every right I have, you have. Every right you have, I have. Anything less defines inequality.

Some who tout redistribution the loudest continue to redistribute a whole lot of wealth for themselves.

What is an individual? When I was one cell multiplied in my mother's womb, did I have the exact same DNA as my mother? No, it was different. That makes it unique, an individual. One thing that has changed is the number of one cell that I am. Is that what makes me an individual? No, it's my unique DNA. Twins, one creates two, the possibilities make them unique. In my humble opinion, one thought I struggle with every single time, free will demands choice and the scientific truth should be a right. At this very instant, I am a clump of cells, specifically, one cell multiplied, scientifically speaking. If thought is the difference, life in nature proves thought occurs with no brains, cells make a brain and can communicate with each other. What is thought, by the way? In time observing reality, eventually nature appears to love proving geniuses wrong. What is intelligence? Free will in thought gets to decide, and I am not always right. The right answer, my best guess, is for the scientific truth to be told, more than just one, not just profits and claimed science based on no facts, it should be a right before such a choice, and no matter their free will choice, the right choice for the rest of us should be forgiveness. Why is true science silent?

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Political Schmolitical

There is no such thing as social justice, only legal justice, and if you care about social justice then make it legal justice and not an excuse to avoid or be exempt from the law. There is no such thing as civil liberties, only equal rights or not, just more lies by politicians covering their thievery and failure of those they claim to represent, who are all their constituents and not just some, and their greatest failure is the children and education.

Children do not have the right to protest and skip school, they are being enslaved as a political tool, holding a sign and screaming a few words repeatedly and denying any question is not teaching and learning at all, as adults they can learn how to protest themselves, and the tax payers should protest those teachers who put their own political beliefs above a child's education, and those teachers need to question themselves most of all.

Those who eagerly and greedily believe they have the right to judge the past apparently do not realize back then anyone different was automatically considered less, proven by science, up to the fifties if my memory is correct and some still claim that nonsense despite all the evidence, and thanks to science is their claim, slave masters and slaves still exist today written in law and demanded by women and men who claim it their right and equality. Yikes!

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People who send their children as bombs are evil and we kill our children because we had sex and do not want them and what does that make us? Purity, honesty and morality, to be precise.

No one has a right to demand to a sound minded woman what they can and cannot do with their own body, nor a man, and some are born both, that is each individual's right and no one else's. What did most mothers and fathers do exactly to create life? One's own pleasure, which does not give rights over another human being, if so, should rape or slavery be legal? Pregnancy can be difficult on a woman's body and mind and should not be underestimated or taken lightly, what makes mothers special, sacrificing themselves for another, even if a pregnancy was easy, which I cannot imagine how. A parent is an obligation to protect, teach and help to name a few and most parents sacrifice for the children, putting another before self. For most of my life I heard scientific lies to justify immoral, the public relies on science for the truth, and when the scientific truth is finally told, each individual has a right to choose, and that choice will define one's soul, equal to every choice in one's life, and it is possible for us to learn and change if given chance.

Based on my simple understanding, I have legal recourse if I believe I have been harmed and that legal recourse is for my legal complaint to be heard in a court by an impartial judge and jury if there is a legal or moral basis to begin with, and no matter the decision that is legal justice as best we can which also includes an appeal, why there is no legal need or moral reason for vigilante justice, knowingly harming another is not legal justice at all, just wrong and immoral. I have faith in nature and with time she runs her natural course, I believe in individual rights, equality, law and due process, but similar to me is imperfect, why I should try to do better, and in my simple mind helping myself and others is better than harming, as best I can.

Don't blame soldiers for what politicians demand, politicians know what could happen, they train them for it with someone else's money, they believe they own a piece of dirt and will send their own children to die for it, they also believe they can carry it into the afterlife, either that or they have no understanding of love at all, dirt over life appears to be their choice. Most soldiers, who join of free will, do it for others not self, a right, and they prove it on the battlefield and unless you lived it you have no right to judge, my belief. A politician does it for self and their own historic glory; I can prove my blank wall is more interested in hearing your lies politician than me.

Religion is a choice, being gay is a choice, I don't know about gay, God does and is the only judge. Love is not based on a cake or a wedding and neither is happiness. Empathy is what should be taught and force is not it.

What is the purpose of IQ? Does it prove ones belief in equality or superiority?

Seventeen trillion to fix nature, is nature broken or just morality? Pollution is the problem, nature can fix easily, science proves her stupid and their IQ's proving them geniuses, it only requires an act, and teaching the difference between want and need, thinking simply. How many scientists and politicians live like me, one of many helping pay their salaries? Mostly, empty and none. It is true that experiments cost money, scientists and politicians do have needs, it is their wants, demanding tax payers every penny and slavery, while most refuse to give anything or help another without being paid. The rest requires thinking, not repeating, and a basis of morality, beyond empty and none.

Individuals make a nation; a nation does not make individuals. God makes individuals, with our help; equality can be given or denied. Free will and choice is a blessing and a burden, opposites making one.

The best trap to catch lies is to learn how to tell the truth to just oneself, eventually, my own lies within myself easily suddenly reveal themselves, teaching me some of the lessons that I so much desire, the best trap to catch lies is to learn how to tell the truth to just one. I should never forget, the one strongest truth logically eventually always leads to two, and try my best to decide wrong from right, before my decide becomes an act, helping without harm is as close to perfection as I can think of, how do I do that?

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What is the difference between government spending and investing? Create one cent of value that costs more than one cent to make. A penny's worth of thought.

A business is not an organization of morality, but money. Our government is an organization of morality, not money. See the difference, in theory?

Religious liberalism teaches me that I should give what I have earned, American liberalism teaches me to take what others have earned for me, same name, but not the same.

Women are against women's rights, according to politics, why are there no men against men's rights in politics?

Those who tout income inequality the loudest, there are only so many dollars, lead the way and take less pay.

These are unprecedented times? Actually, there have been times like these before. When money was borrowed to pay for what was borrowed and the debt kept going up with no end in sight, eventually, bond vigilantes played their games, which forced interest rates to rise, then what happened?

Government spending and investing is taking from the taxpayer for the benefit of everyone; instead, the government mostly spends on themselves and their already rich friends, leaving nothing but debt, and the least benefit, for the rest of us.

Numbers don't lie, I heard a politician say, I can't argue against that, when I think of money, but give that money to a politician, and watch numbers, magically disappear.

Politics is nothing, nothing but a blame game, no need to negotiate or even try to help; it gives a politician a reason to call others, including tax payers, such ridiculous names. All they do is taking, and taking credit for others hard work and sacrifice, then most politicians live like they earned it, most politicians, really have no shame.

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If everything the government is doing for the citizen is great, short of knowing causing harm, we have a right to know, if the government is not, the right to knows need, is great.

Every President and politician should be treated equally....scrutinized.

A declaration of a party does not prove who I really am.

Should I believe those politicians who claim "nothing to see here" when they themselves benefited from that activity?

Companies and we personally affect the government, and the government affects companies and us personally, but its companies and us personally that only pay.

Without private sector taxes, public sector salaries don't get paid. Whose taxes really build things?

What is communism? No freedom, no rights, no free speech, no equality, no religion, political executions and starvation. Why is communism afraid of free speech? The opposite is the same, just a different name.

I believe in some liberal principles. But never when it ends with "Why should I work?"

When taxes they want go up, the rich liberals do scatter.

A one party system only cares for obedience and fear. The only way to move up in the party is to turn someone in. Their guilt matters not, you prove your loyalty. Is that really what you want?

What's the difference between a subject and a slave? The answer is one reason I disagree with a monarchy and anything resembling it.

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Me Miscellaneously Miscellaneous

I have had rich friends and poor friends and some in between, none of that proves a good parent and that can only be proven from within.

Individual rights matter and outlawing everything that could harm oneself defies individual rights, food, water and air plus a whole lot more can harm us in different ways because our bodies are different, and healthy is a better choice but what can be healthy for me may be harmful for you, and I like choice, always choosing right is the hard part, if that is possible at all.

Should women be allowed to serve in the military? The history I have learned taught me women suffer and sacrifice equal to any man in every war, including children, demanding a child is property and their legal right and there is evidence.

If someone offended me, a chance to teach with kindness, love and forgiveness I believe is right. If only I could live up to those words, and I can only try and based on some things I wrote if not all, I have failed and need to try again.

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What I find confusing is how some believe the concept of man and woman is forced by society and not what nature made most of us, and their answer is to make up every possible possibility and then force that belief onto society, committing the same wrong they claim to be against. Are you helping or harming them and are you really sure? Are you trying to harm me? If not, then I am happy. Are you trying to harm another? If not, then I am happy. Are you happy? If yes, then I am happy for you, I like happy and trying not to harm.

A public confession by one who's intent was to teach an important lesson so others have a chance to avoid the same mistake and I have read many who have, and there is only one true judge, and to each one being unjustly judged by those who refuse to judge themselves, I have faith in you.

Legal precedent matters? There is one legal precedent above all and was law for thousands of years and still is law today in some places, slavery, still claim legal precedent matters? No, not always, is my claim.

Based on women rights, all the Stephan Hawkings of the world must be denied chance, individual rights, equality and most of all, life itself, proven by science, and the politicians and scientists of the world stand and cheer for their own greatness, I do not know science, math or logic, but my soul feels that wrong, and I will not stand and cheer for that nonsense, I refuse, my right, and proven by law, morality itself, I have none, denying another what they demand for themselves, and with mothers and fathers who prove that, be careful what you demand, perception and reality, belief and fact, right and wrong, are not the same. The scientist Stephan Hawking is an inspiration to me even if I disagree with his science or other claims, and that truth is within me, I am trying to fight for equal rights for all, which Physiologists already know, they can diagnose me without a question, a book or study they read says so, and that is an insult.

A cell is life itself, a scientific fact, DNA proves an individual an established legal precedence, and do I believe in individual rights, and do I believe in equality?

When I feel pain, a doctor can prescribe a pain killer which does not heal my pain but blocks the signal of pain sent from my cells to my brain, in other words, my cells feel pain not my brain, which is made of cells and my whole body, why I feel pain after the drug wears off and I have to take more to block the signals to my brain and settled science is proven wrong and the doctors who claim cells do not feel pain lie for money and then claim it science.

My father taught me my strength and my power is not a right but an obligation to protect. How many boys are taught that? Women have every right a man does and a man has every right a woman does. How many girls are taught that?

I gave my father many reasons for disappointment most of my life to be exact. Then one day he asked me for my help, for the first time it was not a trick just to teach me something, he was such a good dad, and then nature took him away, but the chance to help him still remains, by helping all those he cared for, including myself, and love taught me that.

The truth is stupid has no fear, never in thought, fear to succeed.

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My memory is full of facts, since little bottom back up the stairs I went, if my head was not attached, my age is much less than my mirror reflects, forgotten treatment of my body now taking affect, no memory of being born, along with much of the path after that, facts of my memory can be wrong, reality defying my memory is known, perceptions change can matter, sometimes makes me feel better, my memory is full of facts.

I should limit my harming of life the same as I limit my risk, and like risk, there is harm in life, accidents, mistakes and stupidity, the imperfections and limitations of me.

There is nothing wrong with asking for help, unless I demand it.

Judging others can be fun and easy to do, until judgment turns to me, funny no longer the word I would use, relativity being relevant, the same being different describes you and me, relativity being irrelevant, depending on how we choose to look at it, our relativities is different, even when we see the same thing.

The older I get, grumpiness increasingly slaps me in the face, only one solution, change.

Reading, the same letters, repeated over and over again, creating stillness on the page, drilled deeply in my brain, now turns eventually chance occurs, the letters come alive, an error in my eye, the same letters, reading?

Is it garbage or priceless, the definition of some who love art. Feelings are free, last I thought them.

I may judge others and others may judge me, I also judge myself, and I still have much to learn.

While trying to upload my webpage, the server encountered an unspecified error. A computer only knows what it is told.

My windows filled with argon gas have strange affects on my plants. Some still green, but refuse to grow, others straight up to the point of topple, is argon changing the rules of light? What if my windows matched our atmosphere?

There was a different time called the past, when the most intelligent people knew for a fact, that the earth was flat. Anyone who disagreed was called ignorant, round earther, ridiculed and insane, the only difference, is what time it is.

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Viruses DNA has been changed to a positive and negative charge to create an environmentally friendly battery, they say. What will nature do with those batteries, when we throw them away? No chance of change?

Bacteria, transferring resistance from one to another, spreading knowledge on how to stay alive, despite our best efforts. Simple, basic and brainless, and most difficult to kill, the more we succeed, the stronger is their will. Brainless bacteria, outthinking the smartest brains, so far. Our last hope, is already inside us, our genes ability to fight or resist, in the end, it is chance versus chance, giving us a chance, to win.

My grandfather came to America first, before communism took hold. That left grandma alone to raise four, then three boys on her own. Single moms can raise men. My father and uncles prove it.

I only have one picture of my Uncle Mike, his mug shot. Sentenced at sixteen, died before eighteen, only because he opened his mouth. Behold the promise of communism.

I'm the son of an immigrant who escaped communism at eighteen. My father lived the American dream - Freedom.

The only ones, who believe wealth is the American dream, already enjoy freedom. Without freedom, what good is wealth?

So many wars, first at home and then abroad, the highest price paid for Freedom by so many brave American Veterans. Thanks to them, we enjoy a life of Freedom, on this great land in the USA, on this honorable and somber Memorial Day.

Please think on how to help those who served and serve with great sacrifice, for all our safety and lives. I never did, and I feel obligated, so I'm trying.

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I did not knowingly use anyone else's material. Sometimes, I can't remember if I thought it, read it or heard it. If it's yours, I sincerely apologize and will make the correction as soon as I know.

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